Le Lyrial

The fourth luxury mega-yacht of the French ship owner Compagnie du Ponant has been completely provided with the last generation energy saving lighting system. It is formed by Made in Italy LED fittings supplied by IALUX, able to satisfy the eco-friendly policy of the ship owner. The ship has been delivered on April 2015.

Ship name

  • C 6230 - Le Lyrial

Ship Owner
  • Compagnie du Ponant

Technical specifications
  • Gross tonnage: 11.000t
  • Dimensions: 142x18m
  • Cabins: 122
  • Capacity: 264
  • Decks: 7
  • Max speed: 14 knots
  • Sister ships: Le Boréal (2010), L’Austral (2011), Le Soléal (2013)