We offer customized services
for every project

The services offered by Ialux cover the whole range of lighting requirements in the field of lighting for the marine market. The strength of the services is Ialux’s ability to act as an integrator of everything that is needed to carry out lighting projects.

Not only because it can integrate efficient, dimmable light automation solutions, but also because it has the skills to modify its products and introduce them into the existing system without sacrificing maximum performance.


From consulting to project-specific custom solutions

We are able to anticipate, answer and fulfil every customer’s need, recommending customized solutions quickly.


From standard to tailor-made fittings

We produce standard and customized lighting fittings, inside the plants in Brescia and Liscate, not far from Milan.

Lighting design

From efficiency to visual comfort

Our lighting designers design the light, integrating services that help to ensure the final lighting quality, as required by the owner, in close relation to shipyard needs.


From Italy, worldwide

Ialux luminaires are shipped to the main shipyards, respecting shipment schedules and methods.